08 May

Louvre re-launches Golden Tulip brand, aims for next-generation travelers.

Louvre Hotels Group (LHG) has announced the re-launch of its Golden Tulip brand, as part of an initiative to roll out new-age hotels that are more lifestyle-oriented and better suited to meet the needs of today’s travelers. To support the re-launch of the four-star brand, Louvre Hotels investing in the renovation and rebranding of Golden Tulip hotels – including those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The rebranding initiative involves a complete revamp of the Golden Tulip logo, design guidelines and positioning strategy as Louvre is creating a “New Basics” for the hotels of tomorrow. Golden Tulip Marseille lobby Born out of an in-depth study of the needs and preferences of the current and next generation of travelers, Golden Tulip’s new sophisticated brand identity – based around the theme of ‘playful business’ – has spurred a set of new design principles to create social hubs and creativity platforms and environments for its guests which in turn would significantly enhance the brand’s appeal and elevate the entire hotel experience. This philosophy extends to all interior design spaces such as the lobby, food and beverage concepts, rooms and suites as well as the meeting and conference rooms. The goal is to create a shift away from the traditional thinking of how we deliver hotel design and service attitudes, with a fresh, contemporary approach to design that encompasses the creation of integrated public areas that are in sync with the expectations of today’s travelers. “The rebranding is aimed at blurring the boundaries of work and play to create moments of surprise and delight for our guests,” said Amine E. Moukarzel, President, Louvre Hotels Group MENA. Shanghai Junior Suites Room “Technology and the rise of social media have changed the expectations of the modern traveler, who increasingly prefer open, dynamic and social spaces. The rebranding aims to reflect and respond to these trends, and will bring a distinctly modern vision that complements Golden Tulip’s long-standing experience in operating four-star hotels, thus helping set the brand apart from its peers.” “Design plays a crucial role in providing rich, sensory experiences to hotel guests, and our overarching aim behind this rebranding exercise is to create dynamic spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with functionality and comfort, leading to enriching experiences and lasting memories for our guests,” he added. As part of the revamp, the design of the hotel lobby in particular will undergo a complete transformation. Designed to foster social encounters in a flexible, technology-friendly environment, the refreshed lobby areas will feature unique elements such as the Body Care Bar, smartly designed creative spaces that offer both intimate and social zones, along with a variety of design-led furniture and lighting that deliver functionality and comfort. The new design approach will integrate the lobby with the food and beverage outlets and reduce the barriers between guests and staff with larger, open spaces that feel more welcoming and friendly. The food and beverage outlets will get more than just a design makeover, as Louvre sets about to transform service attitudes and deliver a superior overall experience to guests, who can look forward to feeling more welcome and valued when visiting the revamped dining concepts at Golden Tulip, while appreciating their elegant design features and relaxed, easygoing ambience. Design Tbilisi Golden Tulip will also unveil a new meeting concept that offers atypical experiences, inspired by today’s shared workspaces. Equipped with high-speed internet and the latest in technology and audio-visual equipment, a highlight of the new meeting and conference rooms will be the ‘breaks’ areas, which are designed to add a distinctive and playful touch to business events and are perfectly suited to the work habits and lifestyle of Millennials, who appreciate a collaborative atmosphere and seek a flexible approach to work. The Golden Tulip brand operates more than 190 hotels worldwide and has been steadily expanding its international presence, with new hotels in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Shanghai and Tbilisi all set to open with the new branding before the end of this year. The brand, which operates over 35 hotels in the MENA region, has several existing properties set to undergo renovation works towards the new-age branding, while new build hotels have already been identified for Dubai, Muscat and Algiers. Source: 4hoteliers.com
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